Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement

The City of Dacono has ordinances that outline the standards and process for dealing with problem properties. Code enforcement and property maintenance are responsibilities divided between the Dacono Police Department and Community Development Department.

Common Questions about Code Enforcement

What happens after a complaint is received?

Once received, the complaint is assigned to either the building official or community resource officer depending upon the nature of the complaint. Each complaint is entered into an internal database where progress is tracked.

Once a violation is confirmed, local ordinance requires that we notify the property owner or responsible party via a written notice that a violation exists. The officer or inspector may first attempt informal contact either in person - such as a courtesy notice, by phone, or by mail prior to issuing the notice.

If contact is made, the violation is reviewed with the responsible party and a written order to correct the violation within a specified timeframe is issued. If attempts at contact fail, the notice is sent as required by law. Owners / responsible parties have the right to appeal the written orders.

What if I can’t afford to do the work?

We make every effort to work with those individuals with legitimate financial issues that may affect their ability to correct a violation within the given compliance time. For example, if a loan is needed, we may allow the individual additional time to make the proper arrangements with their lending institution. We may also provide referrals to social service agencies that may be able to provide resources.

What about those who do not comply?

The city will abate some violations if compliance isn’t achieved within the given time frame (generally 10 days) and bill the property owner for the cost of the work plus administrative fees.

The city may also assess re-inspection fees for every inspection conducted to determine compliance after the given compliance date has expired.

Any invoices not paid by the due date will be forwarded to Weld County and placed as a property lien.

Violations not corrected within the specified compliance time may be forwarded to the city prosecutor for prosecution in Dacono Municipal Court. Once a violation is sent to the court, the cited party is responsible for court costs.

Whoever is convicted of violating any provision of the code is guilty of a misdemeanor and the court may impose additional fines.