Sales Tax, Use Tax, and Lodging Tax

Online Payment Services Available

  • Payments can be made through the online portal, at City Hall or send a check through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • The use of e-check is encouraged for online payments of any kind.
  • Registration Forms can be submitted electronically by sending an email to Ashley Taylor. There is no fee for registration. 

Collection Process

The City of Dacono is a Home Rule municipality under Article XX of the Colorado Constitution, and has the power to collect its own taxes locally and not through the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Businesses collecting local sales tax should not send the City of Dacono sales tax to the State of Colorado for any transaction.

City of Dacono sales tax accounts do not expire and do not require annual renewal.

File Returns and Make Sales Tax, Use Tax, or Lodging Tax Payments

  • Please note: If the account does not present a return due, the filing status has been changed based on limits established by City code.
  • Note: For your initial login to your account, your temporary password is the first “word” of the business’ mailing address. For example, 222 First St. would be 222, PO Box 10 would be PO.

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