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Municipal Subdistrict of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District 

Municipal Subdistrict of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Petition


The City of Dacono has contracted with FieldWorks, LLC to gather signatures from property owners for a petition the City will be filling with the Weld County District Court for the inclusion of the City of Dacono into the Municipal Subdistrict of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. We appreciate everyone who supported our efforts for inclusion. FieldWorks has concluded their efforts and were successful in gathering the required amount of signatures.


Inclusion in the Municipal Subdistrict would allow the City to diversify its water sources using existing infrastructure. It will NOT result in any additional property taxes for Dacono property owners and residents.

Dacono has been part of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District since the 1970s, which allows the City to utilize water with the Colorado-Big Thompson (C-BT) system. The goal of this petition is for the City of Dacono to collect enough signatures from Dacono property owners, which will allow Dacono to request inclusion in the Municipal Subdistrict. This will give the City of Dacono the right to buy and use water from the Windy Gap Project, in addition to C-BT water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

But what does all this really mean???

To attract the types of restaurants and shopping not currently available in Dacono, we need to make sure that new homes continue to be built. Additional water sources allow us to provide cost-effective water for development. For dining and shopping options closer to home, more rooftops bring that closer to reality. 

What is the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District?
 Northern Water is a public agency initially created to contract with the federal government to build the Colorado-Big Thompson (C-BT) Project. When Northern Water was created, its primary purpose was to provide supplemental irrigation water to Northeastern Colorado farmers. Today, Northern Water also provides supplemental water year-round to the City of Dacono, together with the Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, many smaller communities, rural water users, domestic water districts, and local industries.

What is the Municipal Subdistrict of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District?
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Municipal Subdistrict is a separate and independent conservancy district formed by six municipalities in 1970 to build and operate the Windy Gap Project. The Windy Gap Project will provide the infrastructure necessary to bring additional water supplies, Windy Gap Project water, to the Front Range by utilizing the C-BT Project water delivery system.

Why is Dacono requesting to be included in the Municipal Subdistrict?
 Dacono is currently part of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District and utilizes the C-BT system, the primary source of the water for Dacono. With the growth that the Northern Front Range, including Dacono, has experienced over the last 20 years, Dacono cannot rely solely on C-BT Project Water for its water supply; it is necessary to add additional sources of water supply for the benefit of our current and future residents. By joining the Municipal Subdistrict, Dacono can diversify its water supply by adding Windy Gap Project water rights for future use. 

 What will Windy Gap water rights mean to Dacono?
 Having the right to acquire Windy Gap water will allow Dacono to expand and diversify its water supply sources and build a more robust water supply for our water customers.

How would Windy Gap water be delivered and utilized in Dacono?
 Windy Gap water would be delivered through the same infrastructure currently used by Dacono for the use of the C-BT system.

By including Dacono property owners in the Municipal Subdistrict, will there be tax incurred to the property owners?
 No, there will be no additional taxes from property owners in the City of Dacono. The Municipal Subdistrict has zero mill levy and has been that way since 1970. 

What does this petition do?

This petition, together with your neighbors’ petitions, will give Dacono the ability to request inclusion into the Municipal Subdistrict.  By signing the petition, you will be stating your support for Dacono’s inclusion into the Municipal Subdistrict, which will give Dacono the opportunity to buy Windy Gap Project water IF WE NEED IT in the future.

Please contact City Manager, A.J. Euckert, at 303-833-2317 x134 if you have questions.