City Budget

The fiscal year for Dacono begins on the first day of January and ends on the last day of December of each year. In the fall of the prior year, the staff submits to the city council a proposed operating budget for the next fiscal year commencing the following January 1. The annual budget process includes public hearings to obtain citizen comments. The budget is legally enacted through passage of a resolution. A certified copy of the budget must be filed with the State of Colorado Division of Local Government by January 30.

To view the most current budget, please click here.

Grants to Community Organizations

Annually, the Dacono City Council appropriates funds to provide grants to community organizations. The amount available for community organization grants varies from year-to-year according to priorities and available revenue.

Eligibility is restricted to applicants which are recognized community service organizations, organized and federally designated for tax purposes as non-profit corporations, or organized school groups. The city is precluded from donating funds to any religious organization.

Community organizations that serve or benefit Dacono residents are encouraged to apply. The deadline to submit an application for 2021 is September 13th.