Emergency Notification System

Register Today- Blackboard Connect-CTY

Sign up to receive emergency alerts on your home phone, cell phone, email, or text messaging. The cost for the service is free. Data rates and charges may be assessed by your carrier.

The City of Dacono utilizes the Blackboard Connect-CTY mass notification system to contact residents regarding dangerous weather conditions (thunderstorm and tornado only), unexpected events such as hazardous spills, and to inform them about upcoming city events. This is not a reverse 911 system.

By registering with Connect-CTY, you can stay connected.

Public Information During An Emergency

The City of Dacono utilizes its website, Facebook page and Twitter account to communicate with the public during an emergency.

Weld County utilizes a separate emergency alert system. The CodeRED alert system used by Weld County should not be confused or replace the Connect-CTY used by the City of Dacono. CodeRED, a high-speed emergency notification service allowing local public safety agencies to deliver emergency messages via voice, text, and email.

In addition to the City's Blackboard Connect-CTY, all residents and businesses are encouraged to go to weld911alert.com and enter their contact information, even if they have signed up with the previous emergency notification system used by Weld County. There is no direct charge for this service, and at sign up you may select which types of warnings you’d like to receive.

Weld County Residents can also sign up for CodeRED Weather Warning, an automatic severe weather notification service, to alert citizens in the path of severe thunderstorms, flash floods and tornados.