City Council Agenda web

6:00 PM

Meeting location: Annex Building, 512 Cherry Ave - Building C, Dacono, CO   80514

Members of the public interested in viewing the meeting electronically, please visit:


Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Presentations and Proclamations


Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Week Proclamation


Spanish Heritage Month Proclamation


Public Comments on Issues not Scheduled on Agenda


Consent Agenda



Approval of August 28, 2023, Regular Meeting Minutes


Approval of Accounts Payable Dated September 11, 2023, in the Amount of $975,634.71


Approval of Resolution 23-80, Approving an Amendment to Provide Additional Funding to A-One Chipseal, for Crackseal Supply & Installation Services

  1. CA-c.pdf

Approval of Resolution 23-81, Granting Final Acceptance of the Public Improvements for Garage Unitz


General Business


Consideration and Approval of Ordinance 949, Adopting by Reference the International Plumbing Code, 2021 Edition, and the National Electrical Code, 2023 Edition, on First Reading


Staff Reports


Council Members

Doris Crespo                         Tony Cummings             

Danny Long                          Kevin Plain

Adam Morehead, Mayor    Michelle Rogers

Kathryn Wittman



 Citizen Information - If you wish to speak at the City Council meeting, please add your name and address information to the sign-in sheet; comments will be limited to 4 minutes.  People planning to attend the meeting who need translation services should contact the City Clerk’s Office (303.833.2317 x123) or   Translation services will be provided for the public comment portion of the agenda and public comment during a public hearing.  A forty-eight-hour notice is requested. 


Si necesita un intérprete durante las porciones de comentarios públicos de la reunión del Concejo, llame a la Ciudad al 303-833-2317 x123 o envíe un correo electrónico a




City Council Study Session

Immediately following the City Council Meeting, which starts at 6:00 PM




Rules of Procedure – Remote Meeting Policy Updates 

Presenter: Kathleen Kelly, City Attorney


Employee Handbook Updates & Benefits

Presenters: Jennifer Krieger, Interim City Manager, and Kelly Stroh, Finance Director


Purchasing Policy Updates

Presenters: Jennifer Krieger, Interim City Manager, and Kelly Stroh, Finance Director


Compensation Plan Review for Sworn Police Officers and Police Sergeants

Presenter: Brian Skaggs, Police Chief